A week has passed. By now, Daniel (Seth Gamble) has read everything. Every email, every text, every social media platform. He had to understand the extent of what had been happening under his nose. Every time his wife, Jennifer (Angela White), speaks to him, all he can think about is what she is really doing. Her lies. He is obsessed. She seems to be aware that something is wrong. She’s being extra friendly. How could she betray him like this? He decides he needs to get out of the house for a while to think about things. He leaves abruptly.

Daniel goes to a bar to drown his sorrows. While there, a younger woman named Nicole (Alina Lopez) introduces herself. She’s obviously flirting. Maybe even a little obnoxious. This irritates Daniel, who wants to be alone, but it also gets him thinking: What if Jennifer felt even an ounce of what he was feeling? If he cheated on her … would she even care? Feeling distraught and desperate, he asks the woman if she lives nearby. They could go there. She eagerly agrees. He gives his credit card to the bartender.

At Nicole’s apartment, they begin to have sex. Everything is playful at first, until Daniel’s conscious begins to creep in. When he looks down at Nicole’s face, he imagines Jennifer there instead. She coaxes him and berates him for cheating, which makes him vengeful. He starts to get more aggressive, channeling his anger into the sex. Nicole enjoys it to an extent but things start to slip after Daniel cums. He stares down at the woman underneath him and all he can imagine is his wife taunting him. He cannot take it and strikes her hard across the face. Reality snaps back. Nicole is stunned and scared, she backs away from him and orders him to leave. Feeling an immediate wave of guilt, he apologies for being too rough but it’s too late .. she kicks him out anyway.

He drives down a lonely stretch of road, crying, until he cannot take it anymore. He pulls off the road and gets out to throw up. How could his wife have done this to him? Wiping his mouth, he gets back into his car and drives home.

The next morning. Jennifer makes breakfast while he sits staring at her. He can see right through her now … he knows that she cannot wait till he leaves the room. She keeps eyeing her phone. It buzzes. It must be him. The stranger. He can barely keep from exploding as images of their affair flash in his mind.

The phone buzzes again. He pours his hot coffee down his shirt … he needed to do something to distract her. Seeming anxious, Jennifer rushes to her husband’s side to help him clean up. She tells him to take his shirt off while she fetches some detergent and rushes out of the room. Alone, he darts for the phone and scans the message. They’re setting up a date RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE! He is disgusted. There is an address. He scribbles it down quickly before she comes back in the room. She’s brought him a clean shirt. I’m late for work, he says, and exits. She seems relieved he is gone.

That night, he takes a taxi to the address, silently stewing in the backseat. She had told him she was going out to a movie with girlfriends. Laughable. He arrives at an upscale estate and walks around till he finds a door. A man (Derrick Pierce), dressed in a three piece suit, is waiting inside. Are you a returning member? He asks. Thinking quickly, Daniel says he is new. First time. He’s a guest. A referral. Who? Daniel pauses before muttering his wife’s name. The man stops. He gives Daniel a hard stare before allowing him to pass.

Daniel wanders through the lavish house, past clusters of people and closed doors with raunchy activities happening inside. He comes upon a crowded room. Inside, he sees his wife, naked and submissive, in the middle of a group of people. Naked men and women. All entangled, devouring her as she begs for more and more of their attention. A man (Michael Vegas) and his wife (Abigail Mac) are there, clearly the hosts of the party. They encourage Jennifer as Daniel watches in horror. Finally, when Daniel can’t take it anymore, he storms off.

Later that night. The estate is quiet and the guests have all left. The male host leaves the front door and walks to his car, his keys jingling. Daniel watches him from the bushes. Smug little pervert. Disgusting piece of shit. He storms the man and pins him against the car. How do you know my wife? What were you doing to her? Are you trying to make a fool out of me?

The host is a pathetic wimp. He begs and pleads for his safety. He doesn’t know who he is talking about. Jennifer, Daniel repeats. My wife! Where did she go? Is she with him now? How could you have fucked her right in front of me? The man looks terrified. What a coward. He tries to make excuses. He doesn’t know any man. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. Only after Daniel threatens real violence does the man break down and confess. He’ll give the address to where she is staying. Daniel drops him long enough for the man to scribble an address before punching the asshole for fucking his wife and leaving the scene. The man sits up whimpering, as he rubs his eye and watches the angry husband stalk away.

Perspective: Episode 2 – Derrick Pierce & Abigail Mac & Angela White & Whitney Wright & Alina Lopez & Gianna Dior & Michael Vegas & Isiah Maxwell & Seth Gamble

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